Garment Care

Merino is naturally stain and odour resistant and requires less frequent washing than other fabrics.

Always use a liquid detergent specifically formulated for use on woollen garments. These are widely available in Australian supermarkets (examples are Softly Premium Wool Wash Liquid, Martha's Eucalyptus Liquid Wool Wash and Earth Choice Wool Wash Liquid). Other brands and own-label alternatives are available worldwide. 

Please don’t presume your usual detergent will be fine - even if there is a cute baby on the packaging.  If you check the label most say they are not suitable for wool and they may damage the fine merino fibres, bleach the colour and result in holes forming.

Machine wash on a wool setting at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees c – heat and wool don't mix and washing at higher temperatures causes ‘felting’ and shrinkage 

Spin gently    

Do not soak          

Do not use fabric conditioners or softeners                   

Gently stretch and reshape the garment as you remove it from the washing machine

Do not use bleach

Do not tumble dry

Dry away from direct sunlight

Merino doesn’t hold a lot of water so dries quickly on a drying rack, clothes horse or over a banister.

Cool iron if required

We recommend unzipping your baby sleep bag and airing it over the cot rail in between sleeps to cut down on washing. 

If aired daily, the sleep bags need only be washed once every few weeks if not physically soiled


How can I remove stains?

Most stain removers are not suitable for use on woollen garments and should not be used.

As with all stains, there is a much higher chance of removal if they are treated immediately.

We recommend pouring liquid wool detergent directly on to the stain and leaving it for 30 minutes before washing. For stubborn stains, soaking in a mixture of white vinegar and water is a safe and effective remedy.